by Robert Dawson

Learning to Be a Spiritual Success Story
Robert Dawson
Proverbs 3:1-12

According to the television, internet and printed media advertisements everyone and anyone in this room could and should be a millionaire or at least look like a celebrity.

- In order to become wealthy or financially independent all you have to do is order their course on how to invest, buy and sell real estate, open your own internet business or work from home - you can even do it in your spare time.
- If you want to get rid of those thunder thighs and baggy buns then all you need to do is purchase their exercise program and in 3 minutes a day 3 days a week you can have chiseled arms, shoulders, sculpted abs, sleek thighs and tight buns.
- If you want to drop a few pounds - just order this new diet supplement/pill - eat what you want and whatever you want and the weight will just melt off of you while you sleep.
- If you apply this cream then you can tighten sagging facial skin and ward off wrinkles and look half-your age.

We all giggle and laugh at those things but many of us, me included, would be embarrassed if people looked in our closets, garages and medicine cabinets to discover many of these can't miss programs and products. The truth is, these things have an appeal. They hold out some promise that connects with a desire we all have - the desire to succeed, to do well, to be healthy and happy.

There is nothing wrong with that. The problem is these things can't bring success - not on any real or lasting level. Success is not determined by our wealth, status or looks.

However, we all want to succeed. We all want to achieve a level of significance. We all want to feel that we have attained some level of achievement in and with our lives. That desire is within us.

Since the time we were kids we all dreamed about becoming, succeeding, doing something good or great with our lives. Don't know many people that started out in life dreaming of becoming a failure. No on ...

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