by Robert Dawson

Surrendering Control
Robert Dawson
Romans 12:1-2

On Halloween day 1999 an airplane full of passengers on Egyptair Flight 990 took off and from JFK International Airport, New York, and crashed shortly after takeoff in route to Cairo, Egypt on a routine flight. The final report of the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that, a short time after take-off, the relief first officer waited for the pilot to leave the cockpit and then disengaged the autopilot. He proceeded to move the throttle levers from their cruise power setting to idle, cutting the engines. Seconds later, the airplane began to pitch nose downward and descended into a freefall.

In the final moments before impact, the horrified pilot dashed back to his seat and battled the co-pilot for control of the plane. The pilot pulled back on his controls, desperate to bring the nose of the plunging Boeing 767 up, but the damage done and course set by the suicidal first officer could not be reversed. The result was the tragic crash that killed all 217 people on board.

A lot of times we find our lives hopelessly spinning out of control into a nosedive that leads to a lot of hurt, frustration and devastation. When it happens we are really good at coming up with theories and hypotheses as to why our life took a nose dive.

If we look hard enough, long enough and honestly enough we will find the real reason is because at some point we hi-jacked control of our life and unknowingly plotted a course that leads to spiritual ruin.

Rather than recognizing we are nothing more than stewards of this thing called life we snatch the control of our lives from God, who gave us life so we could invest it in something much bigger than ourselves.

We snatch the throttle from God who created us for His divine and eternal purpose so that we can blindly and ignorantly point our lives into the vain and empty pursuits of this life only that do not touch the next.
If you think about it that is the story of ...

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