by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Jonah 2

If you run from God, sooner or later you are going to
find yourself in a whale of a mess. That is exactly
what happened to this man Jonah. You know the story.
It's very familiar to all of us. The will of the Lord
was that he go and preach to the city of Nineveh. He
didn't want to do it, so he got on a ship to run away
from the presence of the Lord. A storm came up on the
ship and Jonah was thrown overboard by the sailors. He
went down, down, down to what he thought was a certain
watery grave. Then all of a sudden a giant sea monster
opened up its jaws and in goes Jonah and those white
ivory teeth clamped behind him and Jonah finds himself
in a very strange prison. If you run from the Lord,
you will find yourself in deep, deep trouble.

When does a person get into trouble when you run from
the Lord? The truth of the matter is—the first step
you take out of the will of God is a very dangerous
step for your life. Just one step out of the will of
God and you're in a dangerous situation. It may not
seem to be a very important matter. It may be a small
matter, but you just have taken one little step out of
the will of God.

Down below us is the space center at Cape Canaveral
where they send up those space ships. It is very
important that they be exactly on course when they
blast off. If those space ships are just off a degree
or two as they take off it may not seem to be a great
deal, but if they keep going in that projectory, they
will find themselves plunged into outer space. Just a
little degree, just a little step out of the plan, out
of the purpose, out of the will of God, can lead to
great, great disaster.

Think about Jonah. This is one of the most intimate
chapters in the entire Bible. In this narrative which
begins in verse 17 of chapter 1 with the fish
swallowing Jonah, and concludes in the 10th verse with
the fish sp ...

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