by Robert Dawson

Incomplete Faith
Robert Dawson
Luke 17:11-19

Many years ago a boat wrecked off the shores of one of the Great Lakes. The boat began to sink and rescue teams were sent to help. One team was a group of students from North Western University. One young man, Edward Spencer, rescued at least 16 people. Time after time he would plunge into the frigid water. Time and time again he would swim out and struggle to bring one more victim to safety until he eventually collapsed exhausted on the shore. As they took him from the scene he could be hear saying, 'did I do my best, do you think I did my best?' Edward's efforts were not without a price, a high price. It was a price paid by Edward. The strenuous effort and severe cold would permanently damage Edward's health to the place that he would eventually be confined to a wheelchair. Years later at a class reunion the events that day were mentioned and especially the valiant efforts of Edward. Someone mentioned to the speaker that Edward was there in the auditorium. He was asked to come and speak about that day. As he came forward the speaker asked Edward if there was one thing about that day that still stood out in his mind to which Edward replied yes, 'Not one of them ever said thank you.'

It seems impossible almost ludicrous that not one person would fail to thank their rescuer. The NT carries a similar story. This occurrence is nothing new. It must be related to a flaw in human nature.

LUKE 17.11-19

I guess this day would have been a typical day in the life of Jesus, if there were such a thing as a typical day in the life of Jesus. He was traveling to Jerusalem and they were passing between Samaria and Galilee. This would have been one of the last times Jesus went through this area because we are in the final months of Jesus life at this point. On the way Jesus had an encounter with 10 mean with leprosy.

Leprosy was a horrific, dreaded and deadly disease.

1. Incurable - painful - slow - debilitating - c ...

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