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Jonah on the Ship (1 of 4)
Series: Jonah
Jerry Vines
Jonah 1

Your most important enterprise as a Christian is to find and to follow the will of God. Romans 2:2 says that we are ''to prove what is that good and acceptable will of God.'' It is one thing not to know the will of God and to miss it. It is an altogether different thing to know the will of God and refuse it. The classic example in all of the Bible of a believer who knows the will of God, and yet doesn't want to do it, is found within the pages of the prophecy of Jonah.

Now Jonah was a real person. He is referred to in II Kings 14:25. He was the son of Amittai. He lived in a little village known as Gathepher, which was just above the little town of Nazareth where the Lord Jesus Christ lived.

Jesus referred to Jonah as a real person twice in the New Testament Gospels. So, we are not dealing with a fairy tale. We're not dealing with imagination. We are dealing with a real man who had a real experience with God and who learned the truth everyone of us as believers need to learn-you cannot run from God.

Most people, when they study the book of Jonah, immediately get hung up on the fish. They think the whole story of Jonah is the story of the fish. In actuality Jonah is not so much the story about the fish as it is the story about the bird. Jonah's name means dove. The truth of the matter is he acted more like a buzzard, as you read these verses. Unfortunately, we Christians can act like buzzards along the way, also.

You have here the classic teaching in the Bible that you cannot run from God. The story is not so much about the whale as it is about witnessing. The story is not so much about a backslidden prophet as it is our compassionate God. In this personal experience, which the Holy Spirit has chosen to share with us in the pages of our Bibles, we learn the importance of finding and following God's will for our lives. We learn the message that you cannot, you cannot, you cannot run from G ...

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