by Jerry Vines

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GOD IS ALIVE! (3 of 3)
Easter 2001
Jerry Vines
Job 14:14-15

I guess if there was ever anyone who felt like life
had smashed him in the face, it was this man named
Job. He is known in the Bible as the Old Testament man
of sorrows.

In a whirlwind of woe, his health and his wealth were
blown away. Then, in a marathon of misery, the dearest
things in all of his life were taken from him. His
children were killed. His wife taunted him. His
friends came and accused him of deep, dark, dreadful
sin. It seemed to him as if God had deserted him also.
Now, death, the king of terrors, is pushing him
against the wall.

Job was probably like most of us are in this building
this morning. When life is going along pretty good and
seems to be fairly smooth, most of us get all up tight
about mundane, everyday, ordinary matters, don't we?
What are we going to have for supper? Where are we
going for July 4th? But when we find ourselves facing
death, we begin to ask the questions that really
matter and we begin to deal with life's greatest

You know what life's greatest problems are, don't you?
It is the problem of sin—what am I going to do with my
sin? It is the problem of suffering—how do I
understand the sufferings that come into life? Of
course, it is the problem of death—what am I going to
do in the time of death?

So, here is Job and death is staring him in the face.
He feels that he is dealing with a terminal illness so
he asks the ultimate question—the question that all of
us ask. Will there be life after death? What happens
to us when we die?

There are probably a number of you have come to this
service with some questions in your mind and in your
heart. It may be that over the course of the last
several weeks or months you have lost loved ones and
the questions are there. What about my loved one, will
they ever live again? Will I ever see them again?

Some of you are ...

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