by Jerry Vines

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From Retribution to Restoration (3 of 3)
Series: Amos
Jerry Vines
Amos 7-9

We'll not deal with every verse, but will be hitting the hot spots.

One of my mentors in the ministry was Evangelist Jesse Hendley. He preached a revival here a number of years ago. Many of you came to know Christ in that revival. We had about 350 people receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior. Three hundred twenty-five of them followed the Lord in believer's baptism. He preached a lot on judgment and hell, and on the more serious truths in the Bible. So much so that some people referred to him as Hell Fire Hendley. I was sitting with Dr. Hendley in a restaurant one day and a preacher in the city came up and said, ''Well, look here, if it isn't Hell Fire Hendley.'' I saw the hurt go across the face of that dear evangelist as those words were spoken. After the preacher left, Dr. Hendley turned to me and with tears in his eyes said, ''You see, Jerry, the reason I preach on hell is because I really do believe there is one and I don't want anybody to go there.''

Now, Amos was a preacher of the sterner truths of the Bible. Amos was a preacher of the sterner truths of God. He preached on judgment. In fact we learned from the 1st chapter, 2nd verse that was the theme of his prophecy. ''The Lord God roars out of Zion.'' That's another way of saying that judgment is coming. He chose his text from the book of Joel land preached on the judgment of God.

Because he did, some people say Amos had ice water in his veins. That he had a volcano in his mouth. Yet, when we read the prophecies of Amos we discover that here's a man that not only preached about judgment, but he preached it with a tear in his eye. He preached it with a burdened heart. As he preached about the judgment of God, he also preached about God's love. As he preached about it, he also preached about hope. We will discover that as we come to the conclusion of the book of Amos that in the midst of the judgment and retribution w ...

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