by Jerry Vines

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Life after Divorce (6 of 6)
Series: Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Jerry Vines
Matthew 19:3-12

This is our last message in our series on Love, Marriage and a Baby Carriage.

Divorce is a subject which touches us all. You may have experienced a divorce yourself. Your parents may have divorced. You may have children who have divorced. Whether it be by means of family or by means of friends, all of us are touched by divorce.

The statistics are mammoth when you think about divorce. Over a million divorces in America today. Single parent homes are up 80%. About one out of every five children today are being brought up in a single family marriage. I haven't seen last year's statistics, but most years in Duval County there are more divorces than there are marriages.

Under the pile of statistics, there are real people, with real pain, who have been crushed by divorce. So, we are going to talk about life after divorce this morning. It is a very emotional subject. If you had not seen ahead of time that I was speaking on the subject of divorce and you have gone through one yourself, it may be that you felt your heart quicken just a little bit. Your pulse may be a little bit faster. You may feel a little sense of uneasiness because it is a very, very emotional subject.

It is also a controversial subject. Churches disagree about it. Preachers disagree about it. Individuals disagree about it. There are really two extremes I think we ought to avoid when we try to deal with the subject of divorce. We ought to avoid the extreme of permissiveness and give the idea that there's no big deal when divorce occurs. On the other extreme, we must be careful that we not give in to harshness and deal harshly with those who have gone through the experiences and the trauma of a divorce.

I want to talk to you about life after divorce this morning. Listen to me carefully and follow me through and hear me out as I try to lay some warm, sympathetic hands on the whole subje ...

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