by Jerry Vines

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Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Jerry Vines
Deut. 32:11-12

This is one of the most beautiful pictures in all of
the Bible which tells us of the wonderful love and
direction and guidance of our God. It tells us what
God for His children of Israel in the land of the
wilderness and He led and guided them. The Lord says
in these verses it was like an eagle teaching little
eaglets to fly.

It is also a beautiful picture of what God does in
your life and my life. How God leads us along the way
just like an eagle guides its little eaglets.

It's a rather fascinating picture when you learn the
story of how the eagle teaches the little eaglet to
fly. First of all, the eagles go high, high, high
into the mountains to some lofty point way up high and
they begin to build a nest. For soon a little one
will be planted there. An eagle's nest is a rather
large thing. Sometimes they are 16 feet in diameter.
They gather branches and sticks and weave it together
to make this nest. Sometimes a half-ton of sticks and
branches are used. There's an inner nest and also an
outer nest. On the outside it is kind of like a
landing place or like a take-off place. On the inside
there is the inner nest where the little eaglet is
intended to be. So, that eagle begins to prepare that
inner nest for the arrival of the little eaglet. Some
straw is put in there. Then maybe some rabbit fur is
put in there. Sometimes the eagle will even take down
from it's own breast and put that in there to make a
very warm, comfortable, cushiony place where the
little eaglets can be born.

Once a year, one or two eggs are laid in that nest and
the little eaglets begin to appear. They have a rather
existence in those early days. They do basically two
things. They sleep and when they wake up, they open up
their beaks and the eagles come and bring the food to
them and they eat. They have it m ...

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