by Christopher Harbin

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Resurrection Celebration (28 of 52)
Series: Discipleship
Christopher B. Harbin
John 20:19-23

We get too easily distracted in our Easter and Christmas celebrations that we often forget what it all means. We forget the reasons we celebrate as we get caught up in rehearsing events of long past, the grief and shock experienced by the disciples, and preparing our feasts and family gatherings.

We know that Easter is about much more than those things. We talk about its implications to a life in eternity. We discuss the centrality of the Easter story to the entire issue of salvation. We seem to forget, however, that it should make a difference in our daily activities, purposes, priorities, and how we relate to one another. It is almost as though Jesus failed in the resurrection, for all too often it has no impact on the substance of our lives.

It's not about an empty tomb.
It's not about a cross.
It's not about an empty room.
Nor yet reversing loss.
His resurrection tore apart
The grief and pain they felt.
The jolt of joy within each heart
Was not the purpose dealt.
The reason that we celebrate
Is not emotion's pow'r
Nor history shall ever sate
The meaning of the hour.
The question we must ask again
Is where does Christ abide?
For Christ arose from death in vain
Unless he lives inside.
Without expression in our deeds,
Our words do silent fall.
Unless the hungry 'round us feed,
Why celebrate at all?
For Jesus rose to live again
Not to be sung to sleep.
Rehearsing history is vain
Unless His will we keep.
He's still within the darkened cave
Unless our lives are spilled
Of grace, compassion, neighbor love
'Til every tear be stilled
So celebrate with hearty voice
The resurrection tale
And add to singing deeds of choice
That Christ though us prevail.

It's a good thing to go over the story of Jesus' resurrection. The problem is when that is the end of our reflection. It is a good thing to grasp that the resurrection is the theologi ...

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