by Jerry Vines

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Watch Out for the Child Snatchers (4 of 6)
Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Jerry Vines
Luke 7:11-16

How many do we have today who would be in the
Children's Division of our Sunday School? That would
be grades 1-5. I want you to stand and be recognized
all over the building. We have a lot of children in
the service this morning.

We do not know her name. We know that she came from a
little village named Nain. We know that she was a
single mother. We can tell by her face that she has
experienced a double tragedy. At some point in time
she lost her husband. She was trying to do double
duty. She was trying to be not only a mother to her
son, but she was also trying to be father. Probably
having a difficult time making ends meet. Maybe every
night when she got the child to bed she would call out
to God in prayer and ask God for strength and wisdom
to help her to bring up this son the way he should be
brought up.

Now, she has experienced a double tragedy because her
son-the very one she has invested her life in; her
son-the one she had completely lived for-has been
tragically snatched from her arms by death. The child

There are many child snatchers today. Abortion is a
child snatcher. Some children are snatched from their
mother's womb and do not even have the privilege of a
life. Almost 40 million in America have been aborted
before they are even allowed to exist.

Abuse is one of the child snatchers. Sometimes abuse
comes from the family. I read an article about a man
who had unbelievably burned his own son in a motel
room. He and his wife were estranged from one another.
He had abducted the child and set the child on fire.
He said, "If I couldn't have the child, I didn't want
her to have the child either."

There are some children who are going through self-
abuse. Have you read about huffing? That's the latest
thing that's going among young children. That is,
br ...

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