by Jerry Vines

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Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage
Jerry Vines
Matthew 7:24-29

We are continuing in our studies on the subject of
love, marriage and a baby carriage. These are the
words of the Lord Jesus at the conclusion of the
Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7.

It has always been interesting to me to know that the
Lord Jesus was a carpenter. Joseph was a carpenter
also. It dispels some of the notions people have about
what kind of man Jesus was. Some people think Jesus
Christ was some kind of sissified, namby pamby
weakling person. But Jesus Christ was a carpenter. He
was a rugged man. He knew what it was to work with his
hands, lift big beams, and construct buildings.

There are three homes that all of us need which the
Lord Jesus Christ is able to build. All of us need a
home for the future. If you haven't made any
preparations to get your future home built, you need
to check with your carpenter Jesus. Jesus said, "I go
to prepare a place for you." He's been up there 2000
years building your home of the future heaven. He has
a place reserved in heaven for you if you will receive
Him as your personal Savior. You need a home for your

Then, of course, you need a home for your faith. I
mean by that - you need a church, a place like this.
Some of you maybe do not have a local church and I
hope before this service is over you'll make up your
mind that you'll want this to be the home for your
faith. Jesus said, "Upon this rock I will build my
church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against
it." He's building a home for your faith.

Also, you need a home for your family. We know that
the Lord Jesus Christ is able to build a home for the
family because in this magnificent sermon He close
with an illustration about the importance of family,
the importance of building your house upon a good,
solid foundation.

Jesus describes what he's talking about here i ...

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