O WHAT A DAY! (3 OF 3)

by Jerry Vines

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O What a Day! (3 of 3)
Jerry Vines
Joel 2:28-3:21

There are twelve books in the Old Testament which fit
in the category of the minor prophets. A better title
I think would be "The Twelve." The word, minor, does
not refer to the fact that their message is minor
because their message is certainly not. It refers to
the most part to the length of their books. These
twelve books of the Old Testament prophets, at the end
of your Bible, are not as long as some of the others,
but their message, I will assure you, is not a minor

You and I know that Joel is a prophet of God. he is
one of these twelve prophets whose message has been
preserved for us in the pages of our Bible.

A prophet of God was a man who spoke God's message to
his day. He was a forthteller of God's truth for his
day. Also, a prophet was a man who not only spoke a
message for his day, but he spoke messages for future
days. In that sense he was a foreteller of God's truth
for days to come. In fact, in the Old Testament you
will find many, many statements of the prophets of God
that were fulfilled in the first coming of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Other statements are given that will be
fulfilled when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again. One
of the great evidences for the inspiration of the
Bible is the matter of fulfilled prophecy. A careful
study of the prophecies made in the Old Testament
which were fulfilled in the New Testament, would
convince any reasonable mind that the Bible is indeed
accurate and that the Bible is the Word of God. So, a
prophet, this man Joel, spoke a message to his day,
but he also spoke a message for a future day. He
foretold events that were yet in the future.

There is a phrase which is the key phrase of the book
of Joel. It is the phrase "the day of the Lord."
Notice in verse 31 it talks about the great and
terrible day of the Lord. It occurs one more time in
Joel in the 3rd chapte ...

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