by Jerry Vines

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Restoring Locust-Eaten Years (2 of 3)
Jerry Vines
Joel 2:12-27

There are three main divisions in the book of Joel.
The first portion which we studied in the first
message of Joel sounds an alarm. He announces the
invasion of locusts and also the invasion of an army
from the north--two national disasters.

In these verses he issues an appeal. Then in the final
section, he makes an announcement. God willing, we'll
look next Sunday night at the announcement.

Joel is a prophet of God in the Old Testament who may
have been the first of the writing prophets. Some
believe he was a contemporary of the prophets Elijah
and Elisha. We know that Joel preached against the
backdrop of a national disaster. There was a
devastating invasion of locusts and it just stripped
the land of everything that was green. Like scorched
earth the locusts had moved over the land and there
was now a time of economic depravation and depression.

In addition to that, Joel had seen that there was
going to be an army from the north to come and invade.
So, there was a national disaster.

We looked at the whole idea of national disaster last
week and asked ourselves the question—Why do national
disasters come? We came to the conclusion that we do
not always know why. The Lord Jesus in Luke 13 talked
about a couple of disasters that were front page news
in his day. He said, "Don't think it is because they
were greater sinners than you are that these things
have come to pass. Except ye repent you shall all
likewise perish

So, the call of the Lord to all of us is to repent. To
live in a state of repentance so that there be no
unconfessed sin in our lives and to be sure that we
have turned with all of our hearts from whatever sin
may be in our lives. But it is not always true that
disaster is a direct result of sin.

In John 9, there was a man who was born blind and the
disciples asked Jesus, "Jesus, who did sin ...

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