by Jerry Vines

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Welcome Home, Gomer (6 of 6)
Jerry Vines
Hosea 11-14

Obviously, I will just try to give you the essence of
what we find in these chapters. I'll not deal with all
of the verses. But we are trying to take a good look
at the message which God has for us through this Old
Testament minor prophet, Hosea.

It is marvelous to notice in these concluding chapters
that Hosea's prophecy does not end on a gloomy note.
Now, he has spoken rather frankly about Israel's
pollution. He has talked about Israel's punishment for
their sin, but in these closing chapters he's going to
give a positive, uplifting message about Israel's
pardon. The fact that God pardons them in their sin.

What we have to be constantly aware of as we study the
book of Hosea is that Hosea is writing with the
background of his own marital tragedy. You remember he
married Gomer. She turned out to be a prostitute. She
left the home, went back into the far country (so to
speak) and wound up on the slave market and Hosea went
there and purchased her for half price. He redeemed
her and restored her and brought her back.

The final chapter in the story of Hosea is not a
gloomy chapter, it's a happy chapter. It is the story
of how he bought his wife back and she returned to him
and she learned what it meant to be the kind of wife
she should have been.

God's final note is always a note of glory. God's last
note is not a gloomy note, it is a glory note. God
says to the children of Israel, "There's future glory
out there for you." We read about it in these
chapters. Applying it to you and to me as God's
children in the 21st Century, God has future glory
awaiting you and me, also. Though we may fail the Lord
and though we may undeserved all the blessings of the
Lord and though we may wander away from the Lord and
have to be chastised and have to be dealt with because
of it, God says when the final chapter of the
Christian exp ...

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