by Jerry Vines

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Reap the Whirlwind (5 of 6)
Series: Hosea
Jerry Vines
Hosea 8-10

The book of Hosea emerges from the life experience of this prophet of God. We are told about his marriage in the first three chapters of his prophecy. It is one of the most remarkable stories in literature, either inside or outside of the Bible. Hosea, the prophet of God, married a woman named Gomer. She turned out to be a prostitute. As you recall in our study, she left the home, left Hosea to care for three children, at least two of which he doubted were even his own. She went further and further away in her unfaithfulness and her prostitution and she wound up on a slave block. You recall, with a heart that was breaking, Hosea paid the price and redeemed his own wife and brought her back into the home again and taught her how to be a wife.

Hosea's life experience of marriage was a little picture of what God had experienced with His people Israel. His relationship to Israel was an intimate relationship described in terms of a marriage. So out of this life experience of Hosea, he got a glimpse, and through him we get a glimpse of how the heart of God is broken when we who belong to Him are unfaithful to Him. So, the first three chapters-Hosea's marriage.

Now, the remaining chapters we see Hosea's message. In the 4th through the 7th chapter we see Israel's pollution-what sin does-what unfaithfulness to the Lord does, how it pollutes the soul.

In chapters 8 through 10 we'll look at Israel's punishment-how our unfaithfulness brings punishment. Then next week, God willing, the last chapters 11-14, Israel's pardon and how God was willing to forgive and restore and bring them back into relationship with Him again.

Why in the world are we studying something that happened so many years ago? Why are we talking about the children of Israel and their experiences? What does this have to do with modern America? In the morning I'm going to get up, battle the traffic, cross a few bridges. I'm go ...

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