by Jerry Vines

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O The Love That Bought Us (3 of 6)
Jerry Vines
Hosea 2:14-3:5

Hosea is a brokenhearted preacher. His wife, Gomer,
has decided to leave the home and has gone back to a
life of prostitution. He doesn't know what to do. He
loves her, yet she has gone away and he hears the
reports that she is gone progressively downward and
downward. He now hears that she has hit the bottom and
he has lost track of her. He doesn't really know where
she is. In addition to that, he is now faced with the
responsibility of being a father and a mother to
children which are not even his. Every morning he gets
up early and gets them ready for school, and gives
them their breakfast. He loads them up in the station
wagon and carries them to school. Then he goes on to
his responsibilities for the day. Picks them up at the
end of the day, takes them home, helps them with their
homework, gets them bathed and then puts them in the
bed. Totally exhausted now, Hosea, the preacher, goes
to bed himself and he cries himself to sleep over a
wayward, prodigal wife.

In a very unique and special way, the Lord God used
this marriage tragedy in the life of Hosea to teach
very important lessons to you and to me about sin and
about love. In Gomer we see the picture of a sinning
people. In Hosea we see the picture of a loving God.
The tragic story of Gomer shows us what sin does. The
magnificent story of Hosea shows us what love does.

What does love do? We read about it in the verses I
want to share with you this evening. The first thing I
want to say about it is this.

I. Love Responds.

Love always responds. The word, love, is a noun, but
love is also a verb. The Bible says, "For God so loved
the world." Love is an action word. It is a verb. Love
always has to respond.

In the second chapter we find here a series of
"therefores." In verse 6 we see "therefore, I will
hedge your way with thorns and make a wall." ...

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