by Jerry Vines

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The Prodigal Wife (2 of 6)
Jerry Vines
Hosea 2:1-13

There's trouble at the preacher's house. His worse
fears have now been confirmed. The Lord had said to
him, "Go take unto thee, Gomer, thy wife. But Hosea, I
want you to know that she's a prostitute."

This is one of those strange mysteries in the dealings
of the Lord. Acts 5:18 is a helpful verse in that
connection because there it says, "Known unto God are
all his ways from the beginning of the world. There
are some things about the ways of God we do not know.
But God knows. God knows what he is doing. God knows
His plans and His purposes. The Bible says his ways
are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.
So, this is one of those strange perplexing accounts
in the Bible which will await our going into the Lord
in heaven for full explanation. Somehow the Lord, in
His plan and in His providence had said to Hosea, "You
are to marry a woman who is a prostitute." Now Hosea
finds that just exactly what God had said to him is
coming to pass and it hits him like a laser.

This marital tragedy in the life of the preacher Hosea
is used as a backdrop for God to teach the tremendous
lesson of His love for His people. God loves us with
an infinite love. There is no way you and I could
fully understand or comprehend the great love of God
for us. So, God uses pictures and analogies and
illustrations in the bible. of all the illustrations
which God uses for His love, the illustration of
marriage is probably the most meaningful of all of
them. The marriage relationship is so intense and so
intimate that God uses to describe the love that is to
be between Himself and His redeemed people.

God says I have loved you with an everlasting love. I
have loved you with a love that is out of sight. So,
the marriage relationship is very important and an
individual breaks that marriage vow and sins against
the love of a mate, it is a very ...

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