by Jerry Vines

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Take A Good Look At Your Life (1 of 2)
Jerry Vines
Haggai 1-2

I had originally thought I would bring just one message from Haggai and yet as I have read and studied and prayed over it, it has become so applicable to you and to me where we are that I want to take a couple of weeks at least. I'm going to look at the first chapter in this message and then the second chapter in the next message. Think with me about the theme—Take a Good Look at Your Life.

At the conclusion of your Old Testament there are 12 books which are given the category of Minor Prophets. They fall in two main groups. There is first of all the first nine and these who prophesied before God's children were carried away into captivity. The last three were the prophets who prophesied to God's people after they were carried away into captivity. Haggai, Zechariah are what we call the post-captivity prophets. They came at a very important time in the history of God's people.

Haggai was one of those prophets, but we do not know a great deal about him. We don't know where he came from; we don't know anything about his family background. We don't know anything about his personal life. We don't know when or how he was called to preach. All we know is—he was one of the prophets during the post-captivity days that God used in a special way.

He is mentioned in the book of Ezra and we are told specifically that God used this man Haggai to speak a message of arousment and a message of encouragement to God's people at that particular time.

Evidently Haggai was an old man when the Lord gave him these words of prophecy. As a boy he had evidently been carried away into captivity with the Jewish people. I can almost imagine the sight that he saw as he left the smoky ruins of the city of Jerusalem and he saw the temple of God as it was being destroyed with fire. There he went away to Babylonian captivity and stayed there for a period of about 70 years. All through those years there was ringing in the ...

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