by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Micah 1-7

I started doing some studies in the Minor Prophets and
I thought I would do just a few of them, but as I came
to each one I discovered that there is a message for
us in every one of these books. So I'm just going to
go right to the book of Micah. I'm going to just bring
one message from the book of Micah, trying to gather
together for you the salient points and distill for
you the truth of this particular book in the Bible as
I try to speak tonight on the subject, Tiny Town.

Micah was an 8th century prophet who had a tiny name,
who came from a tiny town, who lived in turbulent
times. Micah—just a small name. I have a preacher
friend who had a son named Micah. It is a tiny name,
but it is a very terrific name because the name Micah
means, "who is like the Lord." What a terrific name
to name your children.

He comes from a tiny town. We are told that he is from
a town known as Morasthite. It was a town in Gath,
about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem and Bethlehem
over on the Philistine border. It was near the
entrance into the land of Egypt. If you were traveling
to Egypt you would go through this little town. It was
a trading town. Not a large town, but the great routes
going to Egypt would come through this little town.

I have a feeling that maybe when the Lord called Micah
to preach, maybe Micah said to the Lord, "Lord, I come
from such a tiny town. Lord, there are other preachers
and other prophets who are more prominent than it.
They come from better places than I do. How can you
use someone from such a tiny town?"

Of course, you and I know that the Lord has a way of
taking little things and things that people despise
and things that people consider to be of naught, and
use them in marvelous, wonderful, and tremendous ways.

So, here is a man from a tiny town. He had a tiny, but
tremendous name. He was prophesying in turbulent
times. As so o ...

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