by Patrick Edwards

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The Promise of the Blood of God (21 of 48)
Series: Kingdom Foundations - Genesis
Patrick Edwards
Genesis 15:1-21


No. 'No' is always the answer to the most important question that a man can ever be asked in his life. The answer to this crucial question is always no. No matter the actual circumstance or one's perception, the answer is always 'no.' What is this crucial question? ''Does this make me look fat?'' And the answer my good friends is always no. It's almost become a joke, though, in the Edwards household, for often I get lazy now in answering this question and will answer no to Teresa without even looking at her. It's just become instinct: ''Does this make me look fat? NO!'' ''Do I look fat in this? No'' ''Are you sure I don't look fat? No, I mean yes, I mean, wait, what was the question?''

You see what tends to happen is Teresa will ask me this question, I'll respond without really examining her outfit, and then she doesn't believe me, and she keeps asking. Now, it's not that I'm lying to her, it's the fact that I know she'll never look fat in something, she's a fit as fiddle and looks beautiful and slim in whatever she wears. And so I don't have to look to know that she doesn't look fat; her beauty is unchanging no matter what she wears. My problem is that rather than say all this to her and pay her a compliment, I just say no. And so she keeps asking me the same question, because she needs assurance that her husband loves her and finds her beautiful.

As human beings, we require constant assurance. Whether it's from someone else or simply self-assurance, our confidence and security require constant bolstering. We require it from our loved ones, from our employers, from our friends, even from our mechanics...I always love driving away from a state inspection of my car and knowing it is working properly and safely. And so, when my bride asks me for reassurance of her beauty and my unconditional love for her, I give it to her. Yo ...

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