by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Acts 24:24-25

I want to take you to one of the most dramatic scenes
in all of the Bible. It is the scene when the Apostle
Paul, the gospel preacher, stands before Felix who is
the governor of Judea. The setting of this particular
scene is in palace of Herod in the seacoast city of
Caesera. That palace has been a scene of many bloody
scenes. It was in this very room that Herod uttered
the death sentence for his own sons. Many a Jewish
person experienced tremendous and bitter persecution
in this hall. But today, in this hall, a sermon is
going to be preached heard by few human ears.

As the scene begins we look over this way and as the
door opens, Felix the governor of Judea, walks in. His
royal purple robe dances as he walks across the room
and takes his seat at the judgment seat. There are
signs of compromise and corruption and cruelty on his

Slightly behind him there is the lovely Drusilla. She
is the daughter of Herod Agrippa I. She is a Jewish,
quite familiar with the customs and the practices of
the Jewish religion. She had undoubtedly heard about
this new faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She was still
a teenager. Dark, beautiful, seductive. The glitter of
her clothing and her stunning appearance catch every
eye in the room as she makes her way and sits
alongside Felix. They are an item in the talk shows.
They are a major source of gossip in the tabloids of
the day.

Over on this side another door opens and in walks this
man named Paul. He's rather short. He's stooped. Gray-
haired. Evidences of exposure and hardship are upon
his face. The chains on his hands and feet beat a dull
cadence as he walks to the front of Drusilla and Felix
and stands there.

What a contrast you have here. You have Felix the
governor. You have Paul the gospel preacher. You have
Felix the judge and you have Paul the prisoner. You
have Felix who is free on th ...

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