by Jerry Vines

Jacksonville's Three Biggest Fools
Jerry Vines
I Samuel 26:17-26

We are in the midst of our Summer Good News Festival,
making a concerted effort to invite lost people to the
services and to win people to faith in the Lord Jesus

Saul says in verse 21, "I have played the fool." He
spoke these words at the height of his sin and folly.
We know the background. Old King Saul allowed the
green-eyed monster of jealously to get into his heart
because of the popularity of the young man David. So
for a period of about 10 years, Saul pursued the young
man David, trying desperately to kill him. Now they
have come to an occasion where David actually had Saul
in his power and if he had wanted to do so, he could
have killed Saul and it would have all been over. But
he didn't do it and he spared him.

When Saul realizes the danger he was in and realizes
what is taking place and when he realizes what had
been going on all of these years, Saul said, "I have
played the fool."

Now notice it was Saul who called himself a fool. It
was not David who called Saul a fool. The Bible make
sit very clear that we are never to call another
person a fool. The Lord Jesus Christ, in his sermon on
the mount said, "Whosoever shall say thy fool shall be
in danger of hell fire." It is a serious thing for us
to call somebody else a fool. But from time to time, I
think all of us will admit by our own behavior and
activities, we play the fool.

I used to hear an old country song that started off,
"Somewhere there should be, for all the world to see,
a statue made of stone." Then it closes, "So build a
statue and build it high that all may see. Then
inscribe 'the world's greatest fool' and name it after
me." I have played the fool.

In the Bible God also calls some people a fool. The
God who knows everything there is to know about us,
the God who knows our thoughts, the God who knows all
of our activities ...

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