by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Luke 14:16-24

We are looking at a parable which Jesus told about a
great supper. It's in Luke 14:16-24.

In just a few minutes I am going to invite many of you
to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal
Savior. I do so on the basis of good Bible authority.
In one way we might say that the Bible is one great
invitation. The Bible is a book which invites people
to come to the Lord. On the last page of the Bible it
says, "And the spirit and the bride say, Come. And let
him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is
athirst come. And whosoever will take of the water of
life, let him come." So on the basis of the promises
of the Bible and the invitations I'm going to invite
you to do so. I'm also doing so on the basis of this
parable which I have read about the invitation to come
to the great supper.

In this parable the Lord Jesus Christ compares
salvation to an invitation to a great supper. I have
always been glad that the Lord Jesus did that.
Salvation is a feast and not a funeral. The devil did
a pretty good job of convincing a lot of people that
if they become Christians all of their fun in life is
going to be over and a lot of Christians don't help it
a great deal. Many Christians walk around with a
tombstone under one arm and a coffin under the other
arm and give people the idea that to know Christ is a
miserable, joyless experience. Yet, I'm here to tell
you that salvation is a banquet hall. It is not a
concentration camp.

So, the Lord invited them to a great supper. A GREAT
supper it is called. Think for a moment about the
greatest banquet you ever attended. I remember
yesterday we had a gathering with the baptismal
committee. You never saw so much food in all of your
life. It was a luscious, marvelous meal. But in
comparison to the salvation supper that yesterday was
like cotton candy at a carnival.

Then I remember one of our men, Brantle ...

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