by Robert Dawson

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Giving Birth to the Vision (4 of 11)
Series: Nehemiah
Robert Dawson
Nehemiah 2:11-20

Albert Mohler in his wonderful book, The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership that Matters, said the ability to communicate is one of the leaders most important skills. Leadership doesn't happen until communication happens. He must not only think critically and strategically but he must communicate clearly. The leader may have the most brilliant and breathtaking vision, most amazing insights and an irrepressible passion in his heart but if they are not communicated to others, real leadership does not occur.

The moment when we communicate a vision, message, make course corrections and present new methods/paradigms is critical. Clarifying our thoughts and formulating plans are, without question, of great importance but the moment of truth comes when we put all of that into words and present it to others.

Howard Hendricks, when teaching his preacher boys, would stress the need for clarity in thought and communication. He would tell them, ''Boys, if it's a mist in the pulpit it will be a fog in the pew.''

As we continue following Nehemiah we find ourselves at the moment of truth, the final formation of a vision and the transferring/communicating of this vision to others.

Everything that had taken place was leading to this moment, the moment of truth. For nearly 8 months Nehemiah had been living with this vision and carrying this burden.

- 4 months praying and waiting for God's timing

- 4 months journeying to Jerusalem

During that 4-month journey, he must have experienced the full spectrum of emotions. That trip would have been exciting, exhausting, hope filled and even fearful.

- We are complex creatures. Often, even the most stable among us, are a convoluted and intertwined mess of contrary thoughts and emotions. We can go from fear to faith in a matter of seconds. We can move seamlessly between laughter and tears or even anguish and anger

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