by Jerry Vines

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Stewardship (1 of 3)
Jerry Vines
Matthew 22:15-22

In the 90s there was a movie entitled "Show Me The
Money." In reading about that movie, it is one of
those sayings that jump right out of the movies into
our daily vocabulary. It's kind of like the
commercial, "Where's the beef?" That commercial,
"Where's the beef?" jumped right into our vocabulary
and it has come to be the way of saying, "Show me the
substance, I want to know the reality of the
situation." Well, "Show me the money," is one of
those kinds of things that jump right out of that
movie into our vocabulary. Today, when somebody says,
"Show me the money," they mean "pay me what I'm worth,
or give me my due." Show me the money!

Jesus said something almost identical to that in these
verses of Scripture. There's only one word that is
added in the 19th verse to what Jesus said. He said,
"Show me the tribute money." In one sense of the
word, He was saying, "Show me the money."

The setting of this particular Scripture here is a
burning issue in the days of the Lord Jesus relative
to the Jewish people and the Roman Empire. The Roman
Empire had put taxation on the Jewish people and there
was a great deal of resentment about it. There was a
difference of opinion whether or not they should pay
that tribute money or not. So the were really trying
to trap Jesus to catch Him in a bind. You are always
in trouble when you try to get Jesus in a bind. Jesus
always has the answer to every question we raise. In
fact, Jesus has answers to questions we don't even
have enough sense to raise. So he said to them, "Show
me the money." So, somebody reaches in his pocket and
fishes out the coin and brings it to the Lord Jesus.
On that coin it had a picture of Caesar, which was
issued by the Roman government and in so doing it
showed that it was official. Basically, Jesus said,
"Now, you give to Caesar that ...

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