by Jerry Vines

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Esther 7
Jerry Vines

Because we have been away a couple of weeks from
our study of Esther, we need to give ourselves a
little refresher to understand where we are and why we
have come to this particular point in the book of

You recall that Esther is the beautiful young
Jewish girl selected to be the queen of King Xerxes.
She is a Jew, but he doesn't know that she is a Jew.
Haman is the avowed enemy of the Jews. He is so
antagonized because Mordecai refused to bow before
him. He has decided that he is going to get them
destroyed. So, he has manipulated the king to get the
king to sign a decree decreeing that all of the Jews
in all of the provinces are to be destroyed. It's
less than a year, now, and they are facing
annihilation. Mordecai has sent a message into Queen
Esther that she is to go in and intercede for the
Jewish people which she has done. In the meantime
Haman has constructed a gallows. He has constructed a
large tree and his purpose is to impale Mordecai, his
hated Mordecai, on that gallows. The queen knows all
about it. She has called for the king and Haman to
meet her in a banquet and that is the setting of what
we find in this 7th chapter.

The suspense is building as you read through this
book. I would encourage you sometime to just read
this book in its entirety all at one time. You will
notice that the pace of the action begins to quicken.
It becomes very dramatic and very interesting.

In verse 1 we see the three principles in this
chapter. We see the king, Haman and Esther the queen.
The king doesn't know what the truth is. He does not
know what is behind the plan of Haman. He does not
understand the hatred that has build up in Haman's
heart for the Jewish people. Nor does he know that
his queen is a Jewress. He does not know that he has
signed a decree which has decreed the death of his own
queen. ...

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