by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Esther 5

The more I have studied this book of Esther, the more I have come to believe it would make a great movie, wouldn't it? It would probably be too clean for Hollywood. They probably wouldn't do it. But all of the elements of a great movie are right here in this book. It is a book filled with suspense. It is filled with surprise. It is filled with the unexpected. It has high drama and would make a tremendous movie.

Esther has gone to God in prayer. She has been called upon to do a very, very courageous thing. She is to go into the presence of the king and intercede on behalf of her Jewish people. The king does not know at this point that Esther is a Jewish person. It is a very dangerous enterprise upon which she is engaged. You just couldn't go walking into the presence of the king in those days. He had to extend the scepter to you. If he did not, it meant immediate execution. This is one of the great stories in the Bible of courage and faith. Here is a beautiful example in the life of this lovely, godly young lady of standing for what you believe and having the courage of your convictions.

This is Father's Day and I've been thinking about fathers all day. I would encourage fathers and encourage mothers as well to instill strong convictions in the hearts of your boys and girls. Teach them to have convictions. Then, beyond that, teach them to have the courage of their convictions. Teach them to be willing to stand up for what they believe.

The time has come and you will notice in verse 1 that we have the setting for this chapter. Esther puts on her royal apparel and she stands just where the king can see her in the entrance. We know that Esther was a beautiful young lady. She has on her very best and there she stands awaiting the invitation of the king. Let me just say in this connection, ladies. Let me give you a word of counsel. If you want something from your husband, let me tell you what to do. Put off that old ...

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