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by Jerry Vines

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Series: Esther
Esther 4
Jerry Vines

In the providence of God, there was a special place and purpose for the Jewish people. God had decreed that through these people, his chosen people the Jews, all of the nations of the world would be blessed. So, to that end there about three great gifts that God has given to the world through the Jewish people. One of those gifts is the Scriptures. In Romans 3:2 the Bible says, of whom were committed the oracles of God. He is saying that God gave, through the Jews, the Scriptures.

The second great gift is the gift of the Savior. In Romans 9:5 the Bible says of the Jews, of whom concerning the flesh Christ came. Jesus Christ was given through the Jewish nation to the world.

The third great gift is the gift of salvation. Jesus said in John 4:22, salvation is of the Jews. That does not mean that the Jews are able to grant salvation upon you, but it means that through the Jewish people God gave to the world the Savior and God gave to the world the possibility that we might be saved. Because the Jews are chosen by God to be a blessing to the world, God in His providence has decreed that the Jewish people would absolutely be indestructible. In fact, God promised in Jeremiah 31 that the Jewish nation would be as lasting as the sun, the moon, and the stars.

In Isaiah 54:17 the Bible says, no weapon formed against thee shall prosper. We claim that truth for our own selves as the people of God, but its primary reference is to the nation of Israel. Yet, now in this book of Esther we find the will of God and the will of man on a collision course. Back in chapter 3 the decree has gone out. The Jewish people are to be destroyed. Look at the 13th verse. And the letters were sent by post into all the king's provinces, to destroy, to kill and to cause to perish all Jews. The will of God is that they are an indestructible nation. The will of man is that all of the Jews are going to be destroyed.

Historians have estimat ...

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