by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines

I have been talking to you a little bit about
what I call heart-to-heart talks for several weeks.
Two weeks from tonight we will begin a verse by verse
intense study of the book of Hebrews. I've been just
kind of talking to you out of my heart about some
words in the Bible which God has used to change my
life. There are certain words that just change your
life. One of those words was the word, separation. The
Lord called us to be separate unto Him. That truth
changed my life. The lordship of Jesus is one of the
truths that changed my life. A word that changed my
life. Another word in the Bible that changed my life,
literally, is an unusual word. It's going to surprise
you. It's the word, multiplied. That word changed my

I was called to preach when I was a 16 year old
boy, as many of you know. I have been the pastor of a
number of churches. I think in the 47 years I have
been a pastor, I have served about 8 churches. I
started off as pastor of country churches. I had some
very happy, wonderful years serving country churches.
How many of you were brought up in a country church? A
lot of you. Some of our children down here are raising
their hands. They think this is a country church.
Those were wonderful, wonderful sweet years.

My first church was Centralhatchee Baptist
Church. That was an Indian name that meant "between
two creeks." It was a rural church in Georgia, a
county called Herd County. I don't know if it's true
today, but at that time it was the only country out of
159 counties in the state of Georgia, without a single
railroad track through it. It was indeed a rural
county. I left there and went over to a church called
Bethesda Baptist Church. Bethesda is taken right out
of the Bible. Remember Jesus healed a man at the Pool
of Bethesda. Many churches in the country got their
name from Bible scenes. That was one of them.
Bethesda ...

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