by Jerry Vines

James 4:13-17
Jerry Vines
New Year's

Today is the last day of the year 2000. The first
day of the year 2001 is tomorrow. Have you ever
thought about the word, tomorrow? Annie sings,
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will rise again

I'm interested to notice that the Bible has a
great deal to say about tomorrow also. I think the
most interesting and amazing reference to tomorrow in
the whole Bible is back in the Old Testament when the
children of Israel were getting ready to come out of
the land of Egypt. The plagues had been sent to try to
persuade the Egyptians to let them out. One of the
most distasteful plagues of them all was the plague of
the frogs. Everywhere you looked there were frogs. You
opened up your stove and frogs leaped out. You pulled
back the cover of your bed and frogs jumped out.
Everywhere you stepped, there were frogs. Frogs here,
frogs there, here a frog, there a frog, everywhere a

So, Pharaoh called Moses in and said to him,
"Listen man, we have to get rid of these frogs. These
frogs are driving us crazy." So, Moses said, "I'll
talk to the Lord about it and I'll get rid of these
frogs for you. When would you like to get rid of
them?" Pharaoh said, "Tomorrow." I thought about
that. One more night with the frogs. Why would he
have said, "Tomorrow?" Yet, the Bible has a great deal
to say about tomorrow. In fact, James in our text,
tells a story about tomorrow. He tells about a
businessman who has made some plans and he has
projected some programs, and he is getting ready on a
business venture and he says, "I'll do this today and
tomorrow I'll do all of the other." And James uses
this simple story about a business man making plans
for the future to teach you and to teach me some very
important lessons about life and about our tomorrows.

This picture, this story about tomorrow which
James tells, tells us first of all something about ...

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