by Jerry Vines

Captivated by a Cradle
Jerry Vines
Luke 2:15-18

There really is something captivating about the birth of a baby, isn't it? It's always different when a baby is born. There's just something that attracts the attention. When a little baby is born, cards are sent and congratulations are conveyed. When a baby is born, gifts are brought. Announcements are made.

I was talking to a young mother-to-be this week and she said that the men in her husband's office were giving him a baby shower. That just shows you how out- of-date I am. That was unheard of when I was coming along. But there is something captivating about the birth of a baby. I don't guess there's ever been anything as captivating and as attractive as when the Lord Jesus Christ was born of Mary and was laid in a manger, laid in a cradle.

Think about it. Born into this world. Born a little baby. He whose garment is space, whose home is the universe, whose chariot is a cloud, whose diadem is studded with stars-confined to a cradle. There's something captivating about that.

Of course, I think about some of the greatest music that has ever been inspired in the history of the world. It was inspired because writers have been captivated by this cradle. Poems have been written by great poets because they have been captivated by this cradle. Magnificent stories and literature have been written because all of the great writers have been captivated by the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am grieved when I think about some who do not pay any attention to the birth of the Lord. You read it in the pages of the Bible and you read it on the pages of human life today. some people have what I would call closed hearts. I think about the inn when the Bible says there was no room for Him n the inn. I think that's one of the most haunting sentences in all of the Bible. There was no room for the Lord Jesus Christ.

So it is today. there are many people today who have no vacancy signs attached to their hearts be ...

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