by Jerry Vines

JESUS IS REASON (Go Ye And Make Disciples)
Matthew 28:18-20
Jerry Vines
Christmas 2000

For a few Wednesday nights here at the close of
the year, I have not really been preaching sermons or
giving Bible studies as such, but I've been giving
what I'm calling "heart to heart" talks. Just kind of
talking to you right out of my heart and sharing with
you from my heart about some words which the Lord used
to change my life.

One of those words was the word "thanksgiving."
God commands us to be thankful. That word will change
your life if you will apply that word to your daily
life—learning to be thankful.

Then the word "separate." "Be ye separate." The
Bible doctrine of separation. There's a word in these
verse of Scripture—these words of the Lord Jesus,
which changed my life. I want to talk to you about it
for a little while.

I have shared in recent weeks that I came from a
little county seat town in north Georgia. Small town,
population about 12,000 people. Great place for a boy
to be brought up. You had a lot of mothers. If you got
into trouble everybody else's mother would tell on you
to you mother. So it was a good place to come up. But
there was a special culture in a little town like that
at that place and at that time.

Back in the 50s when I came along as a teenagers,
it was very different from the way teenagers are
today. I look at some of our teenagers who are really
committed to the Lord and are bold for the Lord, and
we knew that it was a good thing to tell others about
Christ. We knew that was what we were supposed to do.
But not many of us did it. The culture was different.
Where I came from there was a prevalent attitude that
you just didn't talk about those kind of things. You
didn't bring up religion. You didn't discuss religion.
It wasn't the thing to do. It was alright for the
preacher to talk about it. You kind of expected the
preacher to talk to people abou ...

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