by Jerry Vines

Christmas in Egypt
Matthew 2:13-15
Jerry Vines

When you read what the Bible has to say about the
birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, many locations come
into play. We think about the east, from where the
wise men came. We don't know exactly where that is,
but we think about the east and the wise men coming
from there. We think about the city of Jerusalem.
There was a lot going on relative to the birth of the
Lord Jesus in the city of Jerusalem. There was of
course, King Herod. There were the scribes and all of
the priests and those groups who were there in
Jerusalem. They have a part to play in the birth of
the Lord. We think about the shepherd's fields where
the shepherds were when the angel of the Lord came and
announced the birth of the Lord Jesus. Of course, we
always think about the city of Bethlehem. That may be
the most familiar location of them all. I'll talk to
you a little bit about Bethlehem next Sunday morning.

I don't know that many of us ever think a great
deal about Egypt in relation to the birth of the Lord
Jesus Christ. What does Egypt have to do with the
birth of our Lord? Yet, right in these verses of
Scripture that tell us about the purpose and the
meaning of the birth of the Lord Jesus into the world,
we are told about the Lord Jesus going down and for a
period of time being in the land of Egypt.

Egypt is not unfamiliar in the Bible. It is
referred to about 600 times in your Bible. Many times
it is referred to in terms of its geographical
location. We are familiar with Egypt today. It's very
often in the news. Sometimes in the Bible Egypt is
referenced not in terms merely of its geographical
location, but it is referenced in terms of its
spiritual meaning. The land of Egypt comes to have a
spiritual message for us in the Bible. Egypt in the
Bible comes to mean all that is bad about this world
in which we live. It is a picture of everything that
is unde ...

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