by Robert Dawson

God's Stewards
Robert Dawson
Matthew 25:14-30

A pastor was becoming increasingly frustrated with the decaying eyesore the church facilities were becoming. Finally, he decided to do something about it. He called a special meeting to talk about the dilapidated condition of the church, especially the sanctuary with its old and cracked plaster ceiling. He wanted to ask the church members to make pledges to help finance the needed repairs.

He started the process by asking leadership, the deacons and finance team, to do what leaders do, lead. He specifically asked one of the wealthier deacons to start the process. He was hoping it would encourage the others. The deacon stood and said, ''I'll give $50.'' At that moment, a large piece of the cracked plaster ceiling fell and hit the deacon on top of his bald head.

Immediately, after regaining his senses, the deacons said, ''I meant $500. I'll give $500.'' Lifting his eyes to heaven the pastor prayed aloud, ''Hit him again, Lord. Hit him again.'' Taking Stew out of Stewardship, pp162

I'm not here to beat you over the head, though it's how many people feel when we teach and preach on stewardship, especially financial stewardship. While I'm not here to beat you over the head it is my sincere prayer not that ceiling tile with your name on it will fall from heaven but that God's Word would speak to your heart and that the Holy Spirit will challenge and transform the way you think about the stewardship of our lives, including our possessions.

Stewardship of life, using time, talents/skill and money for the Kingdom of God, is as much a part of God's Word and His design for our lives as prayer, Bible reading, faith, love, service, evangelism and salvation.

1. It's important because more than a financial issue it is a heart issue.

2. It is a worship issue. Our hearts follow our treasure.

3. How we use the resources of our lives demonstrates what we value most in life and what we truly worship.

I w ...

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