by Robert Dawson

Gaze of a Godly Mother
Robert Dawson
Proverbs 31:10-31

One husband, who felt the size of the gift was not important, wrote this poem to his wife.

M - is for the mink coat you want
O - is for the opal ring you crave
T - is for the tiny sports care you'd love
H - is for the hat that makes you rave
E - is for the earrings you'd admire
R - is for the rug on which you'd tread

Put them all together and they spell bankrupt, so I'm giving you this handkerchief instead. On this Mother's Day I hope your family is a little more generous and loving in their actions than that.

That poem uses a literary device known as an acrostic. Each letter of a word is used to form the basis or beginning of another word, phrase or sentence. The passage we are about to read in Proverbs uses the same type of literary device. Each verse begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

1. Its purpose was to provide an effective teaching tool for young women, wives and mothers to highlight the virtues that embody a godly wife and mother.

2. This acrostic that helps close out the book of Proverbs paints for us the portrait of a Godly mother or virtuous woman.

For a mother to bear a resemblance to this portrait she must set her gaze on certain priorities. Some of the ideals taught and modeled here may seem too traditional and old fashioned and are therefore no longer in vogue for many in our enlightened day. Whenever and wherever the world and the Bible part ways it is never the Bible that is in error.

This passage describes the priorities and character of a wife and mother to which every woman should aspire. It not only tells our young women what type of woman they should strive to become but also tells our young boys what type of young lady God says is right for him --- it tells us what should be valued in a wife and mother. It also we reminds us what a precious gift our wives and mothers really are. It reminds us that we should value virtue, character, int ...

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