by Jim Perdue

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Life as an Authentic Christian (4 of 14)
Series: Authentic Christianity
Jim Perdue
1 John 2:7-14


As we continue in our series of 1 John entitled Authentic Christianity, we see in 1 John 2:7-14 what it means to live Life As An Authentic Christian. In other words, John shows us some tests that we can apply to our lives to see if we're genuine, the real thing, authentic. One of the themes of this letter is the assurance that Christ offers to those who are part of His family. And here, John describes what Life As An Authentic Christian looks like.

Jewelers have several methods to determine if a diamond is authentic or not. And these external tests reveal an internal reality. If the diamond is real or authentic, the tests will be true. If the diamond is fake or inauthentic the test will be false. There are some good fakes out there and it's getting harder and harder to discern between the real and the fake. Two major tests for the authenticity of a diamond are the way it refracts light and the strength of the stone. We know that when you shine a light through the diamond it should refract the light in certain very distinguishable ways. And we also know that a diamond is one of the strongest, hardest substances that exist; remember, they can cut glass!

In the same way, there are tests that we can apply to our lives that reveal whether or not we are authentic Christ-followers or just cheap imitations. For one thing, John shows us that how the light of Christ is reflected in our lives is an essential test. If you have the light of Christ inside of you, it will shine through you to others. Another is the strength of our spiritual life. We will continue to draw our strength and support from God as He alone can supply it.

After trying to refute false teaching in chapter 1, John begins here to affirm the believers about the evidences of life as an Authentic Christian. The question arises, what is life like as an Authentic Christian? Here, ...

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