by Jim Perdue

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How Can I Know for Sure? (12 of 14)
Series: Authentic Christianity
Jim Perdue
1 John 4:15-21


Tonight, we continue our series entitled Authentic Christianity as we study the book of 1 John. Remember, John was writing this letter to those who had trusted Christ but were struggling with fear, doubt, and false teaching. So, he writes this section, 1 John 4:15-21, as a way to answer this question, How Can I Know for Sure?


As a pastor, I've counseled many who struggle with the question, ''How can I know for sure that I'm saved? How can I know for sure that I will go to Heaven one day?'' This leads to an even greater question, ''Is there a way to know for sure/can you know for sure if you are a child of God?'' The answer is yes, absolutely! We can be certain that we are followers of Christ, part of His family, authentic Christians.

Being saved is a bit like being pregnant, without the morning sickness. There's no in between, you either are or you are not. There's no halfway. But it's different than being pregnant too; because once you are saved you're saved forever! You can never lose it! You ladies wouldn't be happy if you were pregnant forever! Oh yeah, and men can be saved too...we can't be pregnant.

John was dealing with people who encountered the same problems and asked the same questions as many do today. One of his main purposes in writing this letter was to offer assurance and evidences of a relationship with Christ; to comfort those who doubted.

Here in 1 John 4:7-14, John answers the question, ''How can I know for sure?'' He shows us several evidences of life as an Authentic Christian. An Authentic Christian life is evidenced by...

A genuine relationship with God: 15-16


I know it sounds simple, but to be able to know for sure that you're saved, one of the most important elements is to determine if you have a genuine relationship with God. Contrary to popular opinion, Christianity is not ...

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