by Robert Dawson

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The Kind of Church to Join (4 of 15)
Series: 1 Thessalonians
Robert Dawson
1 Thessalonians 2:13-16

I remember when Kristal and I moved to North Carolina just a few months after we were married; we had an easier time finding jobs than we did finding a church. For us, like so many who move into an area or become a Christian and start looking for a church home, the task is not an easy one and the decision is at best difficult and important. Today, here in the southeastern United States, with the ability to drive we are not bound by one choice or a couple of choices, there are a number of church's that we could possibly attend.

What type of church should we join? What type of church should we look for? (In answering those questions, we also get an idea of what type of church we need to be).

If I were looking for a church today - I would look for a church like the one in Thessalonica. Since we began looking at this church over the last few weeks we've learned it is a church worth giving thanks for. These folks were making a difference in their city and their influence was spreading throughout their nation.

It would be a church worth joining, imitating and a church worth becoming.

We all want to be a part of a church that makes a difference - big difference. I want us to be a church that makes a difference - big difference (not interested in small gains - though I know they are steps to greater gains - I want this church to be a force for the kingdom of God).

A church that makes a difference is a church with:

1. Lively Faith. Their faith was alive and active. They were not characterized by dead orthodoxy or tradition. Their faith had not only saved them but transformed them.

2. Lovely Labor. They worked tirelessly and selflessly for the cause of the gospel even to the point of exhaustion. They gave all they had and held nothing back.

3. Long-term Hope. They were not only motivated by what God has done for them they worked with an eye on ...

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