by Robert Dawson

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Death Ain't No Big Deal (10 of 15)
Series: 1 Thessalonians
Robert Dawson
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

In one Peanuts cartoon Linus and Lucy are looking out the window watching it rain when Lucy says, ''Boy, look at it rain .... What if it floods the whole world?'' Linus says, ''Lucy it will never do it. In the 9th chapter of Genesis God promised Noah it would never happen again and God gave Noah a sign of this promise, the rainbow.'' Lucy responds, ''Man, you have taken a great load off my mind.'' Linus says, ''sound theology has a way of doing that.''

Paul was writing to encourage and instruct a church filled with new believers. He has been showing them how what they believe affects how they live their lives. Faith, what we believe and believe to be true, is not only the engine that moves our lives but also serves as the tracks that guide the direction of our lives.

He has already shown them and us that sound theology affects: Sexual Ethics, How we treat others (We are to love them and behave properly toward them). It also affects how we view the universal reality of death.

That was an area of specific interest to these new believers. We find in chapter 3 that after Paul had been run out of Thessalonica he desperately wanted to find out how this group of new believers were doing so he sent his trusted friend and son in the faith Timothy to see how they were holding up under the pressure and persecution that was beginning to surround them.

Timothy brought back a good report but he also came with questions and concerns the Thessalonian believers had. One area of great concern, confusion, fear and grief was the death of their family and friends.

Many of these new believers had come from a completely pagan background that viewed death with an utter lack of hope.

- One Ancient Historian: ''Hope is for the living - the dead are without hope.''

These new believers may not have yet grasped the Christian concept of death. The truth is for all of ...

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