by Robert Dawson

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Getting Ready for That Day (11 of 15)
Series: 1 Thessalonians
Robert Dawson
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Times have changed. It is a simple statement that needs little qualification and one that will be accepted with little opposition. We have seen more changes in the last 100 - 200 years than we have in all of history. My grandparent's generation and my dad's generation have personally seen more demonstrable change than any one generation in the history of mankind.

The medical, scientific and technological discoveries over the last 100 years are absolutely astonishing. Our older generation has gone from not having running water in their home to every person in America possessing the opportunity to have a portable phone on their hip that has the ability to access information from around the world and play your favorite music to boot.

One super computer in a fraction of a minute can do what took hundreds of men to do. We live in the age of information, communication and transportation.

Even the fax machine, which is now outdated, is a phenomenal piece of technology. It can take written messages and send them in thin air from one end of the world to another. I heard about a man the other day in a NY City office building that got his tie caught in the office fax machine and wound up in Los Angeles!

Times have changed. We have advanced in many ways. In many ways man is at, or at least, approaching his peak. I agree with Dr. Vance Havner who said, ''Scientifically we are in graduate school, but morally we are in kindergarten.''

While many things are advancing some things are regressing. With all these advancements our world still finds itself in perilous times. We live in a time of war, terror and uncertainty.

Someone has described civilization as a monkey with a blow torch in a room full of dynamite.

Some 80 years ago Francis Peabody, of Harvard University, said, ''We do not know whence we come, or whither we go, and what is more important, we ...

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