by Robert Dawson

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Avoiding Ministry Power-Outages (13 of 15)
Series: 1 Thessalonians
Robert Dawson
1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

In 2004 NASA landed the Mars rover Opportunity near Mar's equator. Shortly after successfully landing this golf-cart sized rover on the planet a switch that operates the on-board heater became stuck in the ''on'' position causing a power-draining malfunction that could shorten the robot geologist's life on the red planet. Engineers say they have to introduce some new software to the Opportunity in order to override the power drain, which is consuming a sizeable amount of energy.

Malfunctions in anything that requires power, whether we are talking about a machine that runs on electrical power or an organization that runs on the power of its personnel, saps extra power needed to perform and execute can cut short the life expectancy of that machine or organization and keep it from reaching its full potential.

The same is true for the church. Our power drains are not related to electrical systems or circuitry but certain groups of people.

As Paul closes this letter he closes with practical advice and guidelines on dealing with the various relationships that exist within a church. Last time, saw Paul dealing with the relationship of a pastor to his people. Today Paul begins looking at how the church as a whole is to relate to various groups and invariably find their way into every church.

One writer said, that in these two verses Paul is addressing the 'problem children' of the church. I know that we all have problems. If you think you do not have problems then your problem is that you are blind and arrogant.

1. Henry Ward Beecher - 'The church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians but a school for the education of imperfect ones.'

2. Charles Morrison - 'The Christian church is a society of sinners. It is the only society in the world whose membership is based on the single qualification that the candidate shall be unwort ...

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