by Jerry Vines

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Loving to Lead (28 of 36)
Series: Ephesians - Family Matters
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 5:25-33

You would agree with me, I believe. When I say to you that we are in a crisis in family life in America. Unfortunately, the crisis is not only in non-Christian families, but it is also a crisis in many Christian families as well. There's a loss of a sense of order in the family. We have certainly lost any idea of authority in the family. There seems to be very little understanding on the part of people, even Christian people, about what God has to say about authority, response to authority, and divine order in the family.

We have taken a look as what the Bible had to say about the wife. The key word for her responding correctly to the order and authority in the family is the word submission. It is not a word that implies inferiority on the part of the wife at all. Rather, it is a word which describes her willing, obedient response to God's established order in the family. Keep in mind that this is God's statement to the wife. It is God's direction to the wife. Submission is not a command to be ordered by the husband. Submission is a command from the Lord to be obeyed by the wife. No man can demand that his wife submit. No man can demand that she respond to his leadership in the family. But where there is that willingness to obey, that response on the part of the wife, she has submitted herself willingly to the authority which God has established in the family.

In that overall scheme the Bible also lays before us the responsibility of the husband. I have been a husband for 40 years, which means that I'm certainly not an expert in it. I've got a lot more years to live. I do wish that 40 years ago I had know some things I know tonight. I think I would have made Janet a much better husband than I have made for her. There are no experts in the matter of the family. There are no authorities when it comes to how to be a husband in the family. The Bible says that the hus ...

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