by Jerry Vines

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Careful How You Walk! (25 of 36)
Series: Ephesians
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 5:11-17

We are going to talk tonight on the subject, Careful How You Walk. Verse 15 says, ''see then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.''

This is the seventh time in the book of Ephesians that reference has been made to walking. He is not talking about literal walking, he is using it as a picture of living the Christian life. He started back in chapter 2, verse 2 where it says that before we were saved we walked according to the course of this world. We lived our lifestyle in a worldly way. Then he switches over and especially beginning in the 4th chapter and uses this idea of walking as a way of picturing how we should behave ourselves as Christians, how we should live the Christian life. Our behavior should be consistent with our Christian faith. What we believe is to be lived out, walked out in our daily behavior.

Here he tells us to ''walk circumspectly.'' The English word, ''circumspectly'' is made up of two Latin words-''circum'', which means around-and ''spectrum'', which means to look. So to walk circumspectly from this word perspective means to walk looking around.

The Greek word here carries the idea of accuracy. Preciseness. Care. Be very careful and precise how you walk.

Soon after I finished college some college classmates of mine went on to seminary and one of them went on to medical school and they became lifetime missionaries in Rhodesia. One of the first missionary letters I received from them they talked about making the adjustments to living in Rhodesia. One of the things they said they had to learn to do was to be very careful where they walked because of snakes. I don't like snakes, poisonous or non poisonous, long, short. I don't like snakes. Janet loves snakes. Tell me how a beautiful woman like that likes snakes, but she does. I'm scared of them. I run from them if I see them. I certainly wouldn't want to step on a snake. It w ...

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