by Jim Perdue

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It's Amazing What People Do and Don't Do (9 of 9)
Series: Elisha
Jim Perdue
2 Kings 6-7


Today, we conclude our series on the life of Elisha. We have truly seen a life of amazing faith. And I pray that you have been challenged to live in faith and obedience to the Lord and His Word.

2 Kings 6:24 -7:20 is one story and it is quite an amazing story. We will be introduced to a huge problem, and then we will see God do an amazing miracle. A miracle is what happens when God supernaturally steps in to your situation. God still does this today. He still works miracles.

And it's amazing that some people do see this and some people don't see this. Today, God is calling to us through His Word to believe. To believe on His Son Jesus and be transformed by the gospel. To believe that God is greater and He has the ability to solve any problem you have. READ 2 Kings 6:24-25, 7:1-2, 16-20

An old man and a young boy were walking with a donkey. Somebody saw them making their way along the road and said, ''Look at that waste. The old man and the boy are walking with the donkey and not using the donkey for what the donkey was created for.'' The old man thought that the passerby had a point. So the old man got up on the donkey and rode while the young boy led the donkey. Someone else along the way saw the threesome and said, ''Look at that old man making that little boy walk while he rides!'' The old man thought that the second passerby had a point too so he switched places with the young boy. The young boy got up on the donkey and the old man led. A little bit down the road, they passed a third person. That person said, ''Look at that young boy making that old man walk while he rides. He is younger and stronger.'' Yet again, the old man thought that the point was valid. The next person who saw them looked on in disbelief as the donkey was riding on the old man's back. When you try to please everybody, you will go stark raving mad.

Life can be li ...

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