by Zach Terry

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The Fall (2)
Series: Storyline
Zach Terry
Genesis 3

Last week we saw God's creation of an amazing universe, the crowning jewel of which was this planet called Earth. The crowning jewel of Earth was a garden city set upon a hill called Eden. The crowning jewel of the city of Eden was Mankind - made in the very Image of his Creator - reflecting to all creation the majesty and glory of God. Male and Female created He them - so that as two working in Harmony complimenting one another, loving one another and producing after their kind they would reflect a Triune God through whom they exist. It was Very Good.

Chapter two ends with the declaration that this first couple walked in the garden naked and unashamed. That statement is deeper than a description of their lack of clothing - it was a statement of utter innocence. Nothing came between Adam and Eve, nor between them and God.

Can you imagine if somehow we were able to project on this screen your thoughts, motives, intentions, fantasies, actions, plans. Every hateful thought, every lustful glance? Do you not think that we would all flee from this place and pray never to see these people again?

The Poet Samuel Johnson has written, ''Each man knows that of himself which he dare not tell his dearest friend''.

Can you even begin to conceive of what it was like to be naked and unashamed? Yet that was the experience of this first couple.

That is until one day when everything changed...

TEXT: Genesis 3:1 (ESV)
1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made.

That word crafty is not an inherently evil word. As a matter of fact in other places it is translated as prudence or wisdom. We are not told the personal identity of the serpent - but we do notice that he had the ability to communicate with Eve.

We are tempted to speculate as to whether or not this was normative - but we will avoid that temptation for now.

The nature of the conversa ...

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