by Zach Terry

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A Caleb Attitude (9)
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Zach Terry
Numbers 13-14

ILLUSTRATION: Last week we hosted Hernan Sierra and his son for our Global Impact Conference. When I visited Honduras Hernan took me to visit the ''El Picacho'' statue in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. El Pic-caho is 2,500 ton statue that stands 98 feet tall on the highest mountain. The story goes that it was built to look like the ''Christ the Redeemer'' statue in Brazil, but El Pi- cachos arms are bent slightly and the Christ the Redeemers are full and outstretched... I asked about the difference and one of the local men said, ''In Brazil, Christ is saying - Look at all of the beautiful women... in Honduras Christ is saying... where are the beautiful women?'' :)

Well I felt like I needed to show Hernan something equally impressive here in the Huntsville Metro area - so I took him to our Space and Rocket Center. We saw the F-1 Rocket Engine, we saw the Apollo 16 return capsule, we saw the lunar landing module from which Neil Armstrong stepped foot onto the moon. But by far the most impressive thing was saw at the space and rocket center was a man named Charlie Johnson - in his late 80's he was one of several men who retired from NASA who were instrumental in designing the Saturn 5 Rocket. Hearing Charlie describe designing the hydraulic system with a number 2 pencil, then the night following the successful launch - was more impressive than any relic in the entire museum.

Charlie and men like him were the true treasures of NASA. That got me to thinking about Capshaw. Here we are on a multi-million dollar campus. We have planted churches, we are currently planting a church in the city of Las Vegas, we are supporting works literally around the world - BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE - our people are our greatest asset.

I want to show you the difference one solitary life can make.

Now Remember speaking of this time - 1 Corinthians 10:11 (ESV)
11 Now these things happened to them ...

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