by Lenny Ports

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Real Love (2 of 4)
Series: Love So Strong
Lenny Ports
1 Corinthians 13:13

We were so blessed with the miraculous story of how God brought Janice Rice back from near death and showed her His unconditional, unchanging, and unfailing love. We are in the month of love, Tuesday is Valentine's Day and we are in a sermon series called LOVE SO STRONG. I usually don't let the days on the calendar dictate what I should preach about, but this LOVE message is so timely and so vitally important to our growth. I said it last week, that I believe a good majority of people, even those that have given their lives to Jesus, still have a hard time understanding and receiving the LOVE OF GOD. Last week we read from Ephesians chapter 3 where the Apostle Paul was praying that the church would come to know the love of Christ. I mean, he was talking to those that had given their hearts to Christ and were maturing in the things of God, but he knew that they still hadn't known fully the love that God had for them. (If you missed last week's message you need to listen to it on our website.)

The world is confused about what love is. From what they see on TV and in the movies, to them, romance is love, or lust is love, or sex is love, or obsession is love, or a heart throb is love. They think love is a feeling. They believe they can fall in love and fall out of love. The problem with this fleshly, carnal. human kind of love is that it is conditional. ''As long as I stay young and beautiful, he will love me.'' ''If I made more money, she would really love me.'' ''If I say all the right things and do all the right things, she will fall all over me.'' ''If I just give into his advances, I will hook him and he will love me forever.'' Human love requires others to meet our needs, and when we fall short of the other person's desires, standards, or wants, we are ousted, trashed, thrown out and kicked to the curb. Conditional love is no love at all, because all conditions can never be met ...

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