by Jerry Vines

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Diversity in Unity (17 of 36)
Series: Ephesians
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 4:7-12

Because we've been away from theses verses for about two weeks, we might need to tie it all back together so we'll know where we are in the book of Ephesians. We have come to the latter 3 chapters in our study, which are the chapters which have to do with the practical applications of what we have learned in the first three chapters. That's why he says in verse 1, ''I therefore...'' He is building on what he has previously taught about our riches in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, he's going to move to the area of our responsibilities. The leading thought is found in verse 1 in that word ''walk''. He is saying to you-''walk worthy of the calling wherewith you are called.'' The word walk there is the guiding word. It is the word that leads us in the verses that follow. The Christian life is compared to a walk. Sometimes in the Bible the Christian faith is called THE WAY. So living the Christian life is a walk. The word ''walk'' means more than just taking steps. It means the way you conduct your life, your lifestyle.

In chapter 2:2 he says, ''wherein in time past, ye walked according to the course of this world.'' He is saying that you used to live your life in the lost world. You lived according to the world. That's the way you walked. That's the way you lived your life. But now, in chapter 4, verse 1 he says ''walk worthy of your salvation.'' In the first section of this he's calling attention to walking in unity. Believers ought to live their Christian lives in unity with other believers. That's why in verse 3 he says, ''endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit.'' Dropping down to verse 13, ''till we all come in the unity of the faith.''

So, the first emphasis is that the Christian life is a life to be walked in unity with other believers. That does not mean, however, that Christians are to be in lock-step with one another. It doesn't mean that we are to all be exactly alike ...

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