by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Ephesians 3:14-21

This is a magnificent passage of Scripture. It's a
prayer. Does your mind ever wander when you pray? When
you get ready to pray do you find that all kind of
thoughts start coming into your mind? You begin to
thank about the appointments you have for the day. Or
you begin to think about the events that have
transpired since the last time you prayed. You settle
down to pray and you say, "Oh, I forgot to do this."
Then you try to get back to your prayer and you
remember you need to tell Polly something. Does your
mind ever wander when you pray? Mine does. I have to
work on it all the time. I have to constantly be
bringing myself back mentally and spiritually to my
prayer. I take a little comfort in these verses of
Scripture in the 3rd chapter when I see what happened
to the Apostle Paul. In verse 14 he says, "for this
cause." I've read that somewhere before. Look at the
3rd chapter, 1st verse. "For this cause."

He starts off the 3rd chapter by saying "for this
cause" then he goes on a digression. I do not believe
that his mind was wandering because this is a prayer
given to him now put down by the Holy Spirit in our
Bible for our instruction. But it is interesting to
notice that he started this prayer, he digressed and
talked a little about the mystery (open secret) that
God was going to take Jew and Gentile and put them all
together in one magnificent, marvelous church. Now, in
verse 14 he returns to his prayer. "For this cause I
bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ." Keep in mind that when Paul prayed this
prayer or when he composed this prayer he was a
prisoner. He was not free. In fact, he makes reference
to his imprisonment in verse 1. "For this cause I
Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles."
He mentions it again in chapter 4. "I therefore the
prisoner of the Lord." So we now that ...

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